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Our products are optimized for longevity and quality. We therefore give you a free 10-year guarantee on products manufactured by us. 

"At EdelKRAFT you get tried-and-tested sports equipment that motivates, supports and drives you! On top of that, we give you a longevity guarantee so that you never stop becoming more athletic." (Georg Waechter, Managing Director)


Answer questions

The guarantee applies to most of the products we manufacture such as mini bars , push-up bars ,skipping ropes , wall bars , dip stations and many others.

You can identify the products by the “Guarantee” section in the details on the respective product detail pages.

The guarantee applies to all components and connections of the products. Excluded are wearing parts and normal signs of wear, e.g. on the surface. For details see the “Warranty” section on the product detail pages.

Example Minibar Home : We guarantee the stability of all wooden parts (side parts, bars) including connections. The anti-slip rubbers on the bottom are excluded. These inevitably become weaker after a few years and will need to be replaced at some point, just like the tires on a car.

Yes, in our “ Accessories & Spare Parts ” section you will find all wearing parts and other accessories.

If a part is missing, please write us a message.

Please write us a message and send us your proof of purchase (invoice/email) with a description of the damage. Photos and your telephone number are also helpful in order to clarify questions easily.

We will repair the relevant part or replace it with a new one. We cover the shipping costs (full in Germany, customers in other countries only pay the difference to the shipping costs in Germany).

The guarantee applies to the current owner of the sports equipment. In the event of a warranty claim, an invoice receipt must be presented.

If you resell your sports equipment, please always pass on your invoice receipt.

The guarantee applies to private customers. For commercial customers, half of the warranty period applies, i.e. 5 years.